What to capitalize:

The pronoun, I

The names of people and animals
ex: John, Samantha, Lucky

The initials of names
ex: Peter T. Smith, Elizabeth R. Troy

Titles and abbreviations of titles
ex: Mister, Miss, Dr.

Abbreviations after a person’s name
ex: Sr., Jr., III, Ph.D.

Names of things like buildings, companies, and vehicles
ex: Willis Tower, Chase Bank, Subaru cars

Names of places like cities, states, neighborhoods, streets
ex: Chicago, Illinois, Albany Park, Montrose Avenue

First words of greetings and closings of letters
ex: Dear Rebecca,…Sincerely, Mr. Springfield

Names of special events, awards, and degrees
ex: Arts Fair, Dean’s List, Bachelor’s degree


Please capitalize the following sentences:

  1. my dentist, dr. stevens, said that i had perfect teeth.
  2. good evening, auntie emma.
  3. i went to navy pier in chicago to hang out with my classmates from wright college
  4. the book, to kill a mockingbird, written by harper lee, was awarded the pulitzer prize.
  5. mrs. peterson was my favorite english teacher at lakeview high school.


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