Parts of Speech: Verb

Parts of speech contains words that have distinctive meanings and functions that, together, makes a sentence clear. There are 8 parts of speech in the English grammar and are as follows: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, conjunction, preposition, and interjection.

3. Verb

There are three types of verbs: action, helping, and linking verbs

1.  Action Verbs name a physical or mental action
ex:  The dog barks loudly
ex:  The wind crashed through the creaks of the windows

2.  Helping Verbs help the main verb(s) of a sentence by extending its meaning. Common helping verbs are am, are, is, was, were, be, being, been, have, has, had, shall, will , do, does, did, may, must, might, can, could, would, should.
ex:  Kathy must write a three-page paper.
ex:  You can play outside.

3.  Linking Verbs show a connection with the subject(s) or noun(s) of a sentence. Common linking verbs are am, are, is, was, feel, grew, grow, appear, seem.
ex:  Bryan feels better now, but Eliisa became sick.
ex:  The parakeet fell ill with allergies.


Identify whether the words in bold are either action, helping, or linking verbs:

1.  The pedestrian appeared before the vehicle.
2.  The train sped through the snow.
3.  I might go to the concert this weekend.
4.  My landlord grew distant of us.


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