Welcome to Level-Up Spring 2017! Daily Blog Post #1

Hello Level-Uppers!

Welcome to Level-up Spring 2017, the coolest Math and English camp around! For the next few weeks, we’ll be working on getting you ready for college-level work. Expect to learn and have lots of fun along the way!

Each day, we’ll post a blog topic here, for you to respond to. The blog posts will be public, and you will have the to sign your name to the end of them. Therefore, please create a wordpress account so that you can easily keep track of your progress. We’ll be able to give you feedback on your writing. When you submit your blog post, please read at least one other response from your classmate and reply with just a few sentences! For now, let’s try to start with 75 words (barely a paragraph), but our goal is to reach 250 words by the end of the session. Ready? Here we go!


We’re thrilled that you’re here, but tell us why you chose to join Level-up. What do you expect to learn over the next 6-weeks? Is there something specific you hope to improve?

Post your response below in the comments, and please

    use complete sentences,
    use standard grammar,
    use standard vocabulary,
    more importantly, be yourself!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Level-Up Spring 2017! Daily Blog Post #1

  1. I want to catch up in schooling, as haven’t been in a school setting since 2004. I am also working on trying to get some credit courses. I have learned that vocational courses do not count, As I have a Medical Assistant Diploma,and six Months of LPN training. I am currently working on obtaining a Spanish Interpreter Certificate, and getting prerequisites for a bachelors in Nursing, with the hope of getting a Masters. I have worked in the Healthcare field throughout my life as a care giver. First through babysitting, then as a Mental health Tech I,II,III,and finally a Certified Nursing Assistant. Healthcare has been my lot in life. with level up I hope to improve my Math skills, English, and Writing , As I am also in the process of writing a novel.Hopefully along the way I can fair better on the placement test, and triumph up the latter in the career field. Knowledge is power!

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    1. Araceli,

      It’s wonderful to know the goals of students and to be able to connect with them. Being a caregiver takes a lot of skills and patience and you certainly have those qualities. Take note of your punctuation, spacing, and capitalization. After a comma, the following word does not have to be capitalized unless that word is a name of a person, a name in the calendar, and so on. Overall, you did a great job in your first post!


  2. I posted a paragraph a week ago. I don’t understand how this program functions. I hope it can can help me accomplish my goals for English and writing . I am embarking on a trip of knowledge and learning to better meet my career goals and expand my abilities as a healthcare provider.

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    1. Hello Araceli,

      We do apologize. We had to check the settings to this blog account and found that comments only showed here if they were approved. That option is now disabled and our comments can be automatically seen once submitted. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


  3. Hello,

    I wanted to join this program because I wanted to experience how one of the class are like and try it out . I couldn’t register for the fall term because I’ve waited too long. And so, I decided to take this year off and get myself adjusted toward my young adulthood and get a part-time job. But I will have the opportunity to register for next year’s fall term. I expect within the few weeks to improve on elaborating more on my sentences, and writing longer paragraphs. And hope this program will help me improve my scores for my placement test for next year. Overall, I think participating in this program would help me prepare for my freshman year of next year. And I’m glad that to be here so far.

    And please note: I am disabled and I do have a hard time understanding things that I have trouble listening to. I do have a learning disability, so it possible that you could help me catch up on this program is working on?

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    1. Good morning Sheana,

      We are glad to have you in our program. One of the best part is being allowed to pace yourself throughout as we want you to get comfortable adjusting to the kinds of workload. What kind of job are you looking for? There are lots of opportunities here in school that you can look into and are found at the Career Planning & Placement Center in room S-128 on the first floor of the Science building.

      Your first blog post was pretty good. There are some minor tweaks to pay attention to. For instance, you can start your second sentence with “So, I decided to…” as it has a formal context in writing, though we also tend to say “And so,…” verbally.

      In the near future, please be on the lookout for helpful tips and lessons on different grammatical skills. Even if there are some topics that you have already mastered, it’s surprisingly how misplacing a punctuation mark changes the meaning of a sentence!


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