In a Perfect World…

In a perfect world, what would an ideal college look like? What would English and Math be like?  Think about the layout of classrooms, the material that would be taught, and the teaching methods that would be used. Use as many details as possible to create the setting.


8 thoughts on “In a Perfect World…

  1. In an Ideal world a perfect college setting would be one, where the student feels empowered of learning and not be afraid of taking courses that would fail in future life goals. Some students, such as myself need to be taken by the hand and guided. Such was my experience in high school, I was given classes needed for graduation. However, I wasn’t guided to any career goals based on my personality or skills, or passion. I became a healthcare provider by accident and have been for 28 yrs. I started as a live in baby sitter, then a mental Health Technician , Then a Certified Nursing Assistant.

    The college I envision will have a peaceful setting. The chairs will colorful, and walls of the class will be white . On the walls there will be murals of other students and the teachers will be fun and approachable. Some students will be classified according to their learning skills. For example an auditory learner will be able to bring a recorder to school so that he can record the class session, and listen to the professor time and time again. The tactile student will be able to bring a piece of clothe like a towel or a teddy bear, that can make her/him feel it as he/she listens to the professor to help her/him feel the words etc.

    The Visual student will be able to see slides or videos that associate with class session. For example a picture of a triangle on the board to show the slope and find the hypotenuse on a 90 degree triangle. If students are enabled with their learning styles it is more likely that they will find success, instead of failure. This will make learning fun and not a chore.

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    1. Yes, I agree with Ms. Alvarez, because:
      Students should not be afraid to go to college.
      Students will feel confident and feel good about themselves,
      when teachers are leaders.
      Teachers can guide students to reach their goals.

      I do agree that college should be colorful and a place for peace and learning, it will inspire student to learn.
      It’s a good idea that students are place in levels of learning, the tools for learning, video, visual, tactile, and audio are very important for all students to learn.

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  2. Araceli,

    I definitely agree with you. Learning should be an enjoyable experience, although chores can be fun (if we make it fun). Just like you, in high school I was taken by the hand and was told what classes to take. When I entered college, I had to guide myself. It was a challenge to learn to do almost everything myself, to be able to know what is out there, and to research the details that I never never existed.

    I love your thoughts on students being able to bring their own voice recorder because not all instructors would permit that in their classes, or at least share/upload the recordings to others, for both personal and professional reasons. I also like the tactile approach. Though, when I was in elementary school, teachers didn’t allows students to hold onto something, like a stuffed animal or toy, which is something they should consider doing as a way to make them feel comfortable in class.

    As an example of your grammar, I would just like to point out your first sentence. The first comma after the word, “one,” can be omitted. Instead, the comma would come after the word, “world.” In the future, there will be blog posts on how and when to properly use punctuation marks. You have made wonderful improvements so far. Thank you for commenting!


  3. When I first walked into a college I was afraid. There were so many people and so many choices and decisions to make. Being in the classroom was an equally unappealing experience. I could hardly hear the teacher and her questions and answers over the endless din and distractions caused by my fellow students. It has not been my experience but that of others I know that they unthinkingly took a class that would get them no where in life. Why are such useless classes available? The goal of a college should be to prepare a person for a career or at least a well paying job.

    This was my first college experience. In an ideal world it would have been different. The path laid out before you helping you make all the right choices for your future. The classrooms would become a more peaceful place. with calming colors and soothing music. A peaceful room calms the souls in it. With an environment such as that one could hear the teacher if it weren’t for distractions. So distractions, namely phones, would be forbidden in class. Who can learn with bright screens flashing in front of their eyes filling their minds with distractions?

    When signing up for classes you would only be given those that can be used in your future and which can transfer. A basic math course should always be provided for those who do not want to take anything harder than the basics. Certain occupations do not require complicated math to acquire. Other classes are downright useless and cannot be practically put to use in the world. The college should only provide classes that will certainly without a doubt get a job.

    A perfect college should be a quiet and friendly learning environment that will without a doubt get you a job. All the classes provided should benefit the student. The environment provided should induce and assist student learning. In a perfect world school would be so easy everyone would be able to do it. A quick straight forward path to a bright profitable future.

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    1. You have so much thought placed into your response and it was quite visualizing. I agree that there are classes you might have to take in order to fulfill your degree even though it may not be practical. I also agree that a college campus should be quiet, friendly, and safe. Through my educational journey, different levels of college degrees serve a different purpose. In a community college, I relearned materials that I have taken in high school as well as new materials to continue my area of interest into a four-year university. I have enrolled in classes that I had to take, thinking that they would not have any applicable use in my Bachelor’s degree. I was slightly in the wrong — everything has a connection, whether weak or strong. (Also, I am very grateful for taking those courses because of the numerous times I have changed my major). After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, it was hard searching for a job that I could apply my degree in. So, I went back to school and worked my way through in achieving my Master’s. One very important message I want to give you is that during your undergraduate studies, you learn how to learn. And when you get matriculate into graduate school, you do what you learn. Everything is hands-on from there, which is difficult to find in a community-college level.

      You did a wonderful job in your blog response. The only advice I would like to give you is to make use of commas. They are there to pause an idea as well as to accent one. There was also one run-on sentence that caught my attention (third sentence in the second paragraph). Overall, excellent work!


  4. In this day and age, I believe that technology has drastically changed the way we learn in the classroom. Futhermore, when I was in high school in 1999, I remember that I had to carry heavy books in my bookbag. Today students can easily access what they need to complete their homework, using resources such as the internet, blackboard, apps, and online books.

    As far as the teaching method, I personally prefer taking in person classes and not online courses. I think that there’s no interaction, networking or motivation when you take an online course. In an ideal world the classrooms would meet the needs of each student depending on their preferred learning method. Some students learn hands on and others like to read and ask questions before trying something new. Nonetheless, each generation is unique and has different needs. Therefore, I think that education is going to be changing constantly as time progresses.

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    1. Reyna,

      I remember those days in high school when I had to carry all of my books for the first two weeks because I didn’t have a locker. Even after I got a locker, I still had to carry most of it. And those textbooks are really heavy! I also prefer taking classes in-person rather than online because the learning experience is quite different. I have my instructor and classmates that I can go to for help immediately, whereas online I would have to wait for a response.

      You have great ideas! In terms of your writing skills, the only concepts that need practicing on is your punctuations, specifically the commas. You have commas immediately after conjunction words, like nonetheless and therefore, but some commas can be added. For example, you can add a comma after the word “today” in your third sentence of the first paragraph. To read further into punctuation marks, see the “Help!” link under the menu icon. Thanks for your post!


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