What Would You Like to Learn on Your Own?


Tell us about a time when you learned something not related to your studies in school. How did the experience compare with learning in the classroom? How would you use an hour a day to expand your horizons? What would you tackle, and why? Might you undertake a self-directed learning project like this? Why or why not?


2 thoughts on “What Would You Like to Learn on Your Own?

  1. well I learn something on my high school is service learning hours went I was a freshman connection I was just doing my hour to get I least 40 hour I only did 38 hour that time I was a good helper for the people on my neighborhood and Albany park too but when I finish my service learning hour. I was so good plus I dint want to worried about my hours no more so went I star high school I was good I pass my grade everything when fine but went I start my last senior year my teacher said that I only have 38 hour I was shock I was like damn for real but I was like was should I do my teacher tell me that you can do a project for 4 hour but sound good but same time I need help so I brought some of my friend. they were 3 and me but most we didn’t good so after that my hour were save after that so total was 41 after that my teacher said sorry Ricky we got the wrong person that not you but after that I said ok anyway I did some hour so yea everything went fine for me and my friend too

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    1. Hi Ricky,

      Mistakes definitely happen, but what you went through was a great learning experience.

      In your response above, I have noticed that there are run-on sentences in which one thought was not ended with a period, but continued to the next thought. I may suggest going through the menu button, Help!, Writing, then start from the first topic. You will be surprised at how simple certain topics are to understand. There are also a few words that need to be paid attention to. For instance, the word “when” relates to time, and the word “went” relates to going somewhere in the past. So I reword one of your sentences from “everything when fine” to everything went fine.”

      This is not bad for your first post! There is always room for improvement. Keep it up!


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