Are Apps Worth It?

Are apps useful to you? How many do you have — and how many do you use regularly? Which apps do you think are the most helpful?


2 thoughts on “Are Apps Worth It?

  1. Apps can be very useful. Whether you want to learn a new language or improve your vocabulary. I have many on my phone, but I only use a handful regularly. I mostly have and use game apps. My favorite game is Forge of Empires. While I haven’t used it yet, I’ve heard DuoLingo is a great language app. I use the and google translate app almost every day. I use the dictionary app mainly as a thesaurus. The translate app I use when I don’t understand a word when I read Romanian. All these apps are nice, but my favorite app is my Bible app. I try to read my Bible every day and this app helps me with that. It has many different translations and languages. It’s daily devotional helps me choose what to read. But the best feature of all is the audio Bible. Whenever I’m too tired to read I pick a passage and use this feature.

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    1. I am actually looking for a really good bible app and I will compare which ones I will eventually use in the long run. I also have the dictionary/thesaurus and google translate app, which are two very useful programs especially when I want to learn new terms.

      The usage of your punctuation marks have drastically improved and I don’t see any issues. The only sentence that can be restructured is the following: “The translate app I use when I don’t understand a word when I read Romanian.” That sentence can be rewritten as “The translate app is very useful when…” or “I use the translate app when…” One more tip I would like to give you is to be creative with your words; if you use a specific word frequently in one paragraph, you can rephrase the sentence or choose another word with the same or similar meaning. Overall, great job!!


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