You can try your best to stay within the norm,
but it’s only a matter of time before your true self transforms.
You can try your best to convince yourself
that you’re just like everyone else,
but at the end of the day are you happy with yourself?
When you’re being told how to be behave
and how you love is wrong,
it’s hard to stand sturdy and strong.
We live in a society that is so quick to judge,
the way people mistreat you,
I know it’s difficult to not hold a grudge.
You’re being told that the way and who you love is not moral,
just because they are the same sex as you.
You’re being told that you’re just confused,
and you’re going to hell.
Even though there’s a separation of church and state,
you know some people still don’t wish your future well.

Some just don’t understand that love is love,
it’s not a matter of right or wrong.
The traditional man and woman is not for you,
your genetics, your brain and your heart,
know that to be true.
You will help pave the way
that the ones have already done thus far.
One day we will all be one,
and it will not be so difficult
to walk down the street holding your lovers hand,
without getting stares.
Acceptance is coming.
It may not be right away,
but love today,
love tomorrow,
love for the rest of your days.

“Norm” – Nicole F. Anderson


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