It’s Automatic!

Driver-less vehicles are becoming a reality! Would you ride a car/bus/train that self-drives you to your destination?


5 thoughts on “It’s Automatic!

  1. Martinez,

    That is a great thought on how convenient it is to use an self-driving vehicle for those who do not know how to drive. I believe there was at least one car accident reported in the news though I am sure car companies that manufacture driver-less cars continue to improve its safeness.

    In terms of your response, I do would like to point out some things that would help with your writing skills. You make great use of your period marks, though you can certainly add commas. For instance, I would revise your response to “Yes, because it is more easy for the people who do not know how to drive a car. Because the car is self-driving, it wouldn’t cause a car to crash.”

    You have wonderful ideas and I would like for you to extend them and fill in some details. When you take your first English composition class, you will learn how to turn a few sentences into a few paragraphs. It is rather difficult at first, but the best time to start is now. I am glad to have you with us and we will do the best to help you!


  2. Riding a driver-less vehicle is a very scary concept. I personally would not do it unless I were sure of all the factors. For example, are there still manually operated cars on the road? People are unpredictable that is why there are car accidents in the first place. If there are still manually operated cars on the road then whose to say they won’t crash my automatic vehicle. A self driving car is programmed but it cannot possibly be programmed with all the possibilities of a human mind. If all cars were self driving I would ride in a self operated vehicle. Until then, never. There are still to many possibilities.

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    1. Absolutely! I would also not be in an autonomous vehicle because drivers and pedestrians can be reckless, unpredictable, and unaware. For now, side- and rear-view cameras is a safe option until the majority of Chicagoans ride driverless vehicles.

      In your last sentence, I am sure you meant to type “too” instead of “to.” 😉


  3. I wouldn’t use self driving cars/ trains/ buses because I cant deal with potential thought of something malfunctioning with the transportation. I don’t feel comfortable with that.


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