(Poetry) “Why”

Why is it so easy for us to spend money on material things,
but so hard for us to donate to a cause?
Why do we allow materialistic items clog our views, instead of donating money;
even if it’s giving just a buck or a few?
We can deny it all we want, but money rules the world;
it puts a roof over our head and food in our mouths.
It’s easy to feel that you can’t make a change and that it’s hard to make a statement
when it’s only you.

But everyday, we make statements;
with our credit cards, debit cards and our cash.
Everyday we pick and choose what we spend money on and where our money goes to.
So then why do we allow corporate companies to dictate where our money goes?
Why do we continue to buy products when we know
that the person who made it only received ten cents per hour they worked on it?
The same person who stitched your shoes
has to wear a pair one size too small because they don’t make enough money
to buy anything new.
Why is it so hard for us to buy from a small business?
Is it because the item is more expensive?

Why do we allow ourselves to indirectly allow labor crimes?
Why is it so hard to acknowledge the homeless people on the streets,
but so easy for us to look at our lovers?
Do we really see? Do we really know?
Whether the homeless person on the street really needs the money or not,
that is not for us to decide, but we decide for them anyways.
We know that the fact of reality is that a lot of our fellow humans need help,
but we choose to continue to ignore the problem?

Why do we make continuous judgments throughout the day?
Why can’t we just stand up and say, “Hey, I’m willing to help, tell me what I can do.”
But instead,
we decided to save our buck or a few,
we decide to keep walking, and I’m asking why?
Most of Americans are struggling,
so we can’t always afford to spend money here and there,
but what if we donated our time to let them know that we care?
Why are we so quick to defend ourselves but struggle to defend
the people and movements that matter?
With everything going on in world;
the hate crimes,
the shootings,
the murders,
the starvation,
and all of the war—
all of this hatred that is rapidly increasing…
Why don’t all of us stand up?
Why do we still allow double standards?
Why aren’t we all changing the way that we think
and changing the way that we act?
Why can’t we all band together and make a peace pact?
We all hope for world peace, and I do too, but hoping with no acting,
won’t get us there.
Actions speak louder than words, but we forget that words hurt too.

So why don’t we think before we act?
Some think that we’re becoming a society where everyone is too sensitive, but I disagree,
is asking for basic respect for one another really so hard to ask for?
Why do we allow people with twisted and evil minds into positions of power?
Why don’t we stop and think about how our actions may affect someone else?
It’s so easy to think for ourselves, but I’m asking why don’t we think about others too?

The woman that you called ‘sloppy’ because her shirt is too tight, has no money to buy a new one
she’s giving every dollar that she makes to her mother’s hospital bill.
The man that you called “ghetto” just because he’s black, has a PHD in quantitative physics and can create formulas
that you cannot even begin to comprehend.
The young girl that you claimed was “screaming for attention”, is getting abused at home, and nobody even knows.
The young boy that you called an “illegal immigrant” just because he’s brown, was actually born at the hospital by your
house and speaks better English than you.
We all have our own background stories,
our own struggles,
our own pain and suffering;
so why do we place more pain on others?
Why are we so easily angered when someone doesn’t have the same opinion as us?

It’s so easy to shout,
to yell, to curse,
and scream that someone is wrong,
but we can’t seem to find the words to admit when we are.
Admitting that we’re wrong or that we need help,
isn’t a sign of weakness;
it shows that we are strong,
strong because we know how hard it is to admit those things.
It shows that we are strong enough to know when we need others,
so then why do we have so many bad connotations when people ask us for help?
There are many horrible things going on right in front of us; in our neighborhood, in our city, but we
choose to ignore them and look at them with a blind eye, but today I’m asking why?
Why do we continue to let ignorance control our lives?
We can’t be progressive, if we do not face the problems that are in right there in front of us,
so ask yourselves: Why?

“Why” – Nicole F. Anderson


One thought on “(Poetry) “Why”

  1. This poem asks ‘Why” we do the things we do on a everyday basis. These topics of discussion seem to always be at the forefront of every issue around the world but nothing ever seems to come of them. To this day we face the same exact problems on a larger scale as the ones that we faced in the past. No doubt this is as maddening to me as it is to other people. So I ask “Why’ can’t we all come together and for the betterment of the human race come to some sort of accord that will be mutually beneficial in some way for everyone. Pride, ignorance, and selfishness are the main culprits in my eyes and are the boon of the human race.

    Pride is a word we often associate with someone’s feeling of self worth. Pride can lead people to think they are above others to the point where they ridicule and depreciate the people around them who they deem unworthy. There are so many nations, governments, and people around the world that have a surplus of money and resources and yet there are millions of people out there that are homeless or struggling to get a job. Yes, I recognize that there are people out there who simply don’t want to put forth the necessary effort to better themselves but for the ones who do and can’t we should make a genuine effort to help them. Even in everyday families pride leads to negativity and unfairness that are often unwarranted, ignorant, and selfish. The problems that arise from that sort of behavior often lead to families not being as close as a rift develops between certain individuals. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture.

    Ignorance is the second of the main culprits that in my opinion identify as to ‘Why’ us humans are the way that we are. Throughout the world people choose to ignore things because it doesn’t affect them or they just think is plain stupid. Ignorance also ties into people not being able to show empathy or the willingness to put themselves into someone else’s shoes instead of just judging them based only on their previous actions. Humans are amazing creatures that are capable of change and understanding and I truly believe that if people were more open and understanding then the world would be a much better place. But sadly people often like to see things as ‘their way or the high way’ even if they don’t truly appreciate or understand what is going on. This sort of ignorant thinking is a huge part of the selfish nature of us human beings which I will explain in my next paragraph.

    Selfishness is the final culprit that I have identified and in my opinion is a major part of ‘Why’ we humans can’t progress in the ways that we should be able to. Throughout history our race has shown that we will do things that only benefit us in some way. Being selfish means that you aren’t going to care about anyone but yourself. If more people became selfless and opened their hearts and minds to others then the world would be a much more peaceful and cheerful place. These days everyone seems to be judged by their appearances and not enough it seems by how they conduct themselves on day to day basis. Hopefully humanity will one day realize as a whole that all these material items will one day not mean as much and that how we act towards others is much more important.

    In conclusion I truly believe that pride, ignorance, and selfishness are the three main culprits for ‘Why’ we humans aren’t as progressive as we should be. We will always be stuck with these issues until humanity starts realizing that we aren’t the center of attention and that the world is much bigger than just us. I have faith that one day this will happen but it will take a collective effort by everyone. As I mentioned before, human beings are wonderful and amazing creatures that are capable of change and understanding. Hopefully one day my words will become a reality.


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