What you are good at?


6 thoughts on “Challenge

  1. I ‘m good and math because when some person explain to me. Is not difficult to understand, i like math, my first aptitude for math is on my country when i have 12 year old i participant and one competition to the math ,i have the 3 place. Is good experience for me I my passion is math.

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    1. Hello Karina,

      When I first started college, I favored math more than English or writing. It was a strange situation for me because I had so much trouble in writing, coming up with ideas, learning how to organize my thoughts, understanding rules, and so on. But as I continue to the next college level, I began to like writing mainly because all my classes required writing papers or essays. I was getting used to it.

      With practice, even in the most difficult subject or skill, you will surely improve. Also, congratulations on your first response to the WrightLevelUp blog! For starters, I suggest reading and practicing on your writing by going through the topics under the “Help!” link. You can find this by clicking on the menu icon, “Help!,” “Writing,” then choose a topic to learn. Again, great job on your first post!


  2. I’m good at imper-vising. For instance, when i get paid i know i have a certain amount of money i need to spend on bills. However, I also know that to make sure I have enough money i must save money from the check before. If not, i may not have enough. Majority of the time i have to use one check to pay rent and another for bills. I must divide the money up every other week. The left over money, I have to save it in order to have enough for the following week. I also make it work by using my own strategies. I feel that the techniques i use are very useful to me. I would certainly say imper-vising is something i can use to my best ability. Not only with money but with other things as well.


    1. Ariel,
      Good self-reflection.
      Being able to manage money does not come easy to many people and as a person that can improvise, it helps reduce stress.
      When capitalization does not apply just to the first word of a sentence, it also applies when using proper names and titles. For instance i is always capitalized. When writing it is good to combine common ideas into one sentence rather than 2 or 3 short sentences. Please pick another 1 paragraph topic to further improve on your writing abilities.


  3. I’m good at working, taking on the task at hand. When a problem is put in front me, i try to analyze the problem before taking it on. But after I’ve come up with a plan I go in head first. In high school I was a trouble maker and I would be in the main office in ‘In School Suspension. So one day my principle made me put together a miniature slide for his kid. He handed me a few tools and for the rest of the day I built a slide. But the thing was, I was just a freshmen never done any building before but took on the job at hand like I had done it before.


    1. Napoleon,
      Working hard and working smart are sometimes two different issues. The ability to analyze a problem before you start is an important skill to have.
      Writing it is a great way to share your thoughts and combining common ideas into one sentence will enhance the message you trying to convey.
      Please pick another 1 paragraph topic to further improve on your writing abilities.


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