Organization and Productivity

How organized are you and what are your methods in being organized?


5 thoughts on “Organization and Productivity

  1. Last year I was supper organized. I liked doing everything on time especially in school. I would write all the homework and all the assignments in a planner and I would enjoy the feeling of getting my work done. Then this year I somehow slacked off. I still write all my things that have to be done however it is no longer fun to do everything especially on time. I wait for the last day that the homework is due and just get over it. I believe that with a more positive look at work would motivate me and I would be more productive.

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    1. I can relate! I wrote my entire academic and personal agenda in my planner, and I loved getting my goals complete and scratching them off my planner. It is rather time-consuming, depending on how neat and pretty you want it. This year, I curbed away from that and decided to plan my day/week/month electronically. It made me really miss physically writing it down, and I probably will revert back to it in the beginning of next year. Haha!

      Anna, wonderful response. It was fun and enjoyable to read. I only found one typo, and that’s the word “supper.” Though I’m sure it was just an easy mistake because it happens to me a lot of times.


  2. I’m productive but not in advance? I’m more of a hands on type of guy. If a task is put in front of me right now I would be able to or try to tackle it. Organization is a big thing to me because if things aren’t straight for someone else I most likely have it organized for myself.


    1. Napoleon,
      Productivity and organization are very important skills to have when writing.
      Writing must be organized for readers to understand what you trying to communicate.
      The amount you write is not as important as your message you are sending.
      Please pick another 1 paragraph topic to further improve on your writing abilities.


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