Talent or Hard Work?

Which is more important: talent or hard work?


4 thoughts on “Talent or Hard Work?

  1. When asked the question which is more important: talent or hard work? My mind immediately goes to the physiological debate nature vs nurture. In which scientists, people in the field of physiology, and everyday people talk sometimes argue on which has a bigger influence on you. Is it the nature theory the chemicals in your brain, your genes, your basic biological makeup. Compared to the environment theory where you were brought up in. Your economic conditions, your place in society, and your life experiences. Talent would be nature, what you were born with. Hard work would be nurture what happens to you once you come out the womb.

    Talent in my opinion is not only more important, it’s obviously more important than hard work. You can’t teach talent. You can discipline people, you can instill ethics in them. So something you can add to a person opposed to something that is inherent in you makes the former far less important. There are no absolutes in life so you can’t say a talented person is also a hard worker. Sometimes when a person is so talented and things come so easy to them the practice the quote “hard work” is boring to them, but when the converse happens. The sky is the limit. Take basketball for example two of the most gifted players, who were also known as incredibly hard workers in practice. Perfectionism is a word that followed both of them these two were Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant. They were born with gene’s that made them exceptionally taller than the average man. They had freakish athletic ability. They were good because of that. They were great because of the work that coincided.

    An average persons ability improves over time by one way and one way only, practice, practice, practice. It’s unique to see white N.B.A. coaches/players sons who may not have been born with the talent, but always at best end up in the N.B.A. at worst end up in very high division 1 programs. This I believe is based on the fathers inside knowledge of the game, and what to and not to concentrate on in practices. I think if u put N.B.A. coaches and their sons and averaged out how far an average kid made it to the heights coaches sons make it the stats would be mind blowing. So in closing focused well guided practice in your field is what makes perfect.

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    1. I agree with you. There are a lot of factors that contribute to talent: genes, parent(s)/peer(s), society, and environment, just to name a few. I believe both are equally important and that, in order to have talent, you must put forth the effort. Some people have an easier time in learning than others. I, for example, still struggle with communication no matter how hard I try. I started at the lowest class level in writing and ended up doing a research paper/study that I am currently working on to getting it published. Even from where I stand, I still have more room for improvement.

      Again, you have wonderful ideas that you can basically turn it into a 10-page paper! That is amazing. The use of vocabulary was wonderful and I love how your response was objective and subjective. The only thing I see that needs improvement is the flow of your sentences. Make use of the commas when joining similar thoughts together. For instance, in the beginning of your first paragraph, I would change it to “When asked the question, “which is more important: talent or hard work?” my mind immediately goes to the physiological debate on nature versus nurture.”


  2. Many people have different types of talents. Some of them don’t even know they have them which is why you have to try new things to do actually find your talents. When you actually find your talent work for it and enjoy them for living.

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