What Are You Afraid Of?

What are you afraid of, and why? How do you deal with your fears?


14 thoughts on “What Are You Afraid Of?

  1. I live on the west side of Chicago, and right now its really bad. The reason why I said that because there are a lot of killing going on in my community. I am afraid because I don’t wont to get killed. By living in the same place all my life I kind of have to deal with it. I deal with being afraid by not going outside or trying to figure out when is it a good time to come out side.

    Halloween is approaching and around this time people love to act crazy. This affect my life in many ways because if I come across somebody that is joking and planning to scare me I know 9 out of 10 that something can go wrong. For example, I can get hurt or killed just over a little joke. I love Horror movies, but i don’t. I love scary movies because I enjoy the stories that is being told. I don’t like scary movie do to the fact that there are parts in the movies that cause you to jump.

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    1. Hi Jazimeka,

      I also live in the west side of Chicago, specifically Albany Park, since the 90’s. I grew up getting used to the violence; whether it was gang-related, theft-related, destruction of private properties, and so don. I’m unsure if gang members are still around as I haven’t heard news of such in a long time. But I feel like no matter where we are, there will always be violence.

      Halloween is definitely around the corner. It brings a lot of families together and I am pretty excited about that. What I am not excited about the the sightings of clowns at night that is currently happening from all around the world. Be safe and maybe even carry pepper spray just in case.

      I am unsure if you are a Level-Up student as the purpose of this blog is to provide assistance in grammar and writing skills. You did great by the way. There are a few things to work on, but most of them are as simple as making sure “I” is capitalized, using commas as a way to pause a thought, understanding when a word should be singular or plural, and etc. All the best, and thanks for your response to the blog post!


  2. well most i get scary is going out at night alone or some friends most the area i’m living is not that most scary at days but in night is too scary like the first October 2 most people they were talking about clowns on the` news i thong this was a joke but no this was no real but i saw a clowns like October 4 in my area i didn’t get scary i was going to said i going to kill that have a gun so the clowns run always lucky me i didn’t have any knife or gun the only i have its was my pen shock that days i never got scare but after night i saw the same clowns in my area this time i have run like hell i made my house in 3 minute the next days my friend said that he saw me run on street

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    1. October is both a fun and scary month! And what is going on with these clown sightings? I have yet to see a clown in my neighborhood and I hope it stays that way.

      One take-home message I would like to provide you with relative to your writing skills is this: before submitting your work, always read it at least twice. It will make sense to you when you read your own work, but you will be surprised at how others understand and interpret your message. By proof-reading your work, you will start to notice mistakes here and there. In one of our future blog post, we will ask the students to find something you wrote/typed and revise it. And it can be a few sentences short or a few paragraphs long. This will be great practice.


  3. Several years ago I believed that zombie movies were so scary. Dead bodies moving on their own? Plus still chasing after you as you run for your life? No thanks! The dead should stay dead, and eating people while being dead was a whole new level of cannibalism. Zombies gross features and unpredictable behavior frightened me because I could have clearly imagined myself being eaten alive by a corpse. I also feared for my family and wondered what I would do in a situation if they ever got bitten. This fear of zombies gave me sleepless nights. If I ever dreamed, it was about me being attacked by rotting corpses. My fear of zombie movies decreased with time, and the realization that they are not real. Now, I can watch zombie films without getting creeped out and am a fan of “The Walking Dead.”I enjoy horror stories and even compose my own just to scare someone. I do not like horror films because I am not ready for their level of scare.

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    1. Anna,

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Growing up, zombies frightened me in such a way that I would stay up all night looking into the darkness. I believe that made me even more paranoid! Just like you, I started to enjoy zombie-related shows and films, plus vampires! I heard the new episode of The Walking Dead aired last time, but I didn’t get to watch it. I probably should start all over from the first season because there is so much that I missed.

      Your response was very well-written and you had so much thought into it. The only thing to keep in mind is the use of commas. It’s just a guess, but it seems as if you missed one by accident. For instance, “Plus, still chasing after you…” is the only sentence I see that needs a comma. You did a wonderful job and I really enjoyed your post! Perhaps we can feature one of your horror stories? I hope to read more from you.


  4. I’m a big guy, and I do have fears. I have a phobia of spiders. I can’t deal with the little creepy crawlers at all. I cant deal with big spiders, little spiders, fake spiders, pictures of spiders, or seeing them on the TV. If there was a short story on spiders that was on level up I would just completely skip reading about or leaving a reply. I’ve come to the conclusion the to help deal with my phobia, just avoid anything having to do with the little creepy crawlers.

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    1. Napolean, I’m actually more afraid of spider webs than spiders, especially if the webs are newly formed, shiny, and thick! One of my best friends’ brother from grade school had a tarantula as a pet, and I asked them why. Because, let’s be honest here, why would anyone do that to themselves? Haha! No thanks.

      I think your writing skills are really good, despite the missing apostrophe mark on the fourth sentence, which I’m sure it was just a typo. Plus, I always have those days when my thoughts run faster than my typing. May I suggest moving onto writing two to three-paragraph responses? It is a way to challenge how well you can describe you thoughts and put in details. Overall, awesome work!


  5. Up until the present, heights are my biggest fear. The very thought of heights send chills down my spine, it gives me a nauseating feeling in my stomach, and tenses my muscles. My mind begins to fade upon the gaze of the height below me, my hands tremble and sweat from the mere thought of falling into oblivion and ceasing to exist. My fear for heights sprouted from riding roller costars at amusement parks, as a kid I was oblivious to what roller coster were and how high they tend to go. My memory of heights were never pleasant, those memories root to anxiety and uneasiness, it feels as if you were trapped in a box that is shrinking smaller and smaller by each minute. After undergoing that experience, the only way to coupe with my fear of heights was to stay grounded and avoid climbing to high places. Over the years, I never been able to overcame the fear of heights, but I’ve learned to coupe with it with breathing techniques and finding my focal point to look at when climbing high places, I’ve even experimented with climbing up to certain heights and recording how my state of being is in a journal. I would write how my body reacted when it was at a certain altitude and documented when my muscles started to tense up.

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    1. I am definitely afraid of heights, though roller coasters are an exception. I had my eyes closed when I rode my first rollercoaster that had loops in high school. I’ve ridden many before that, but it was the ones that I could handle; basically, the slow ones. The first drop is always the most intense, but after that, it is not as bad.

      You have great details in your post! There are just a few things I would like you to focus on in your writing skills. The first is your punctuation marks, specifically your commas and periods. For example, on the fourth sentence, you can break it into two sentences: “My fear for heights sprouted from riding roller coasters at amusement parks. As a kid, I was oblivious to what roller coasters were and how high they tend to go.” Another is that sometimes words that sound similar can be confused with one another. The word “coupe” and “cope,” although they are very similar, have different meanings. To review punctuations, you can go to the “Help!” link in the menu icon. Overall, awesome job!


  6. I consider myself a normal guy with a somewhat difficult past that throughout my life has made me develop one fear. I fear losing touch with my family, because they have shown a complete inability to understand me even after consulting professionals that actually got through to me. The fact that they still thought they knew best even after spending thousands of dollars on a therapist really shocked me. How can they be so ignorant? I know a lot of people have problems with their families but no matter what I try mine never seem to get better. I’m currently living with them but I feel like moving out is the only way that i’ll be able to achieve anything. They don’t seem to understand that their actions and words have a genuine hurtful affect on me. I’m an adult and I finally understand my past and know that I won’t make the same mistakes that I did in the past. I fear losing touch with my family, but at this point I don’t see an alternative when it is always ‘their way, or the high way.’


    1. Lukas, it really is sad to know that even family members aren’t completely understanding. Family directly affects a person and to have that kind of connection makes that person’s world seem unaccepting. I totally understand where you are coming from because I am undergoing challenges myself that the only ones that will really listen to me are strangers. Though it’s kind of nice to know that there are people who are willing to listen, even if it’s for a moment. Thanks for your post!


  7. I was raised in a family were you should be more afraid of the light bill than the darkness, so as kids we learned quickly that if you were afraid of something little than you better think of something bigger to be scared of to cover up for that. But then there are some fears that cant be change in prospective for example the fear of oblivion.

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    1. What an interesting concept. But how do you “cover” a much bigger fear?

      DRLEMUS, your response is full of ideas and I would love to know more about it. In terms of your writing skills, there are a few things to that you can practice on. First and foremost are the punctuation marks, specifically periods, commas, and apostrophes. For example, the first sentence can turn into two sentences: “I was raised in a family were you should be more afraid of the light bill than the darkness. So as kids we learned quickly that if you were afraid of something little than you better think of something bigger to be scared of to cover up for that.” Next, conjunction words (e.g. so, thus, hence) should have a comma immediately after: “So, as kids, we learned…” and so on. To read more about punctuations, you can go to the “Help!” link in the menu icon. Overall, good job and certainly expand your ideas a little bit more.


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