Stressed Out Students: Follow-Up

What are some of the things that you are stressed about as a student? Can you control some of the things you are stressed about? If so, what are the ways in which you can remove the load off your shoulders?


4 thoughts on “Stressed Out Students: Follow-Up

  1. Some student’s stressed out because they have many things to do like ,they work and go to college at the same time.that’s why they stress out so much. Also every student have his own reason why they stress

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    1. I agree with you, Martinez. Every student is different and they are stressed out from so many factors. One student may be struggling with one issue while another may be dealing with multiple of problems. Since your response was towards students in general, are there things that you are stressed out about? (And you don’t have to tell me what they are exactly). If so, what are ways in which you help relieve the stress?

      For your response, I would like you to get used to capitalizing the first letter of the first word of the sentence and to be aware of your spacings. When using commas, the single-space comes after the comma. And after the period mark, please also use a space after. Wonderful job, nevertheless!


  2. I believe being a student is very stressful. The thought of so many task that you have to try to accomplish is overwhelming at times. For some school may not be as stressful. A lot of things fall into play when it comes to stress, maybe a job takes away from you studying, or you have kids and when you get home your a mother and not a student anymore and that may take away from you doing your homework. Priorities like those make it very difficult to learn. I have legal troubles and I am struggling with stress. It comes in two ways for me, mentally and financially. The way I try to deal with stress is by coming to school and going to room s305. Room s305 is a good environment that I need to be in, it feels like being in a coffee shop.

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    1. I agree with you on so many levels. As for myself, there’s stress in work, school, home, finances, marriage, and parenting, and it is difficult to find time to take a breather or even know how to. And yes, S-305 feels like a coffee shop. All it needs is a touch of wood and the smell of coffee.

      When it comes to listing or extending your thoughts in your writing, especially when it is long where it can be divided into two or more sentences, you can apply different grammatical functions. For instance, in your fourth sentence, you can substitute the first comma with a colon (:), a semicolon (;), or a double hyphen (–). Take a look at the following examples:

      1) A lot of things fall into play when it comes to stress — maybe a job takes away from you studying, or if you have kids and can’t find the time to do homework.

      2) A lot of things fall into play when it comes to stress: 1) a job that can take time away from studying, or 2) taking care of your children while trying to do homework.

      Writing can get very creative! You can view several punctuation techniques under the “Help!” link in the menu icon.


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