Winning the Lottery

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you spend it all, save it all, give it away, and/or invest it?


8 thoughts on “Winning the Lottery

  1. People dream of winning the lottery and always think of what they would do with the money, buy fancy cars, buy a mansion or travel around the world. The way I see it, is if I ever win the lottery I would invest most of it. The thing about investing your money, is it can neither give you great profits back or you can lose it all. There is a risk, but life is all about risks. You can’t always expect things to go the way you planned. Next thing in line for me, would be investing in myself. I would attend a four year university and major in business.

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    1. Jorge,

      I would also invest most of the money that I have won from the lottery, but first I would use the money to pay off my school loans and become debt-free! There is definitely risks in investment and, like what you have stated, life is all about taking risks.

      What I loved about your writing skills is the use of the period mark. Not a lot of people understand how to end a thought, and you did rather well. There is only one thing I would change and that is your commas. Commas are like pauses in a sentence. They are used to continue a thought to make a point. There are a few that weren’t needed in a couple of your sentences. For instance, I would remove the comma on the third and sixth sentences. To get personal with commas, I suggest reading the blog post titled “Punctuation Marks.” You can find this post under the menu > Help! > Writing. Great response by the way!


  2. If i ever win the lottery i will use the money for buy a house, finish my studies. I will also buy a car ,and help out my family with their rent this is what will do if i ever win the lottery.

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    1. If I won the lottery, I would first pay off all my student loans and whatever debt I am in, including medical. Then, I would save a fraction of it towards me and my family’s future, and another fraction towards emergency situations. Then the rest will be invested and donated to charities. How I wish I won the lottery, haha!

      Thanks for responding to our blog post! To begin with, start getting into the habit of capitalizing the noun, “I.” You did a great job in capitalizing the first letter of the first word in each sentence. Keep it up!


  3. What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you spend it all, save it all, give it away, and/or invest it?

    If I won the lottery I would be able to help my family pay our finical issues If I had extra money left I’d give some to charity or give some money to the poor. I would not want to spend it all for unnecessary things such as buying comic books or cartoon dvd’s, that would be a waste of money. I would want to use my money wisely and precisely. It would help financially throughout my life to acquire things I would necessarily need. In my point of view, I would get a lot in my life to save like buying food supplies, medicine in case I get sick or help the school debt. Other ways I would use the money to go to vacation. I could go more often to Disney land or get the chance to visit Canada to visit my great grandmas. I could even be able to reach my dreams in becoming an official professional animator. I want to make a show some day.
    Another reason is that if I won the lottery I would strongly support my family and it would be less problematic dealing with bills since we can pay it on time. This would help my parents subside the stress with dealing money problems that they face or that they have to deal with. It’s better if I save some on emergencies such as paying for medical bills.
    A third reason is that I can be able to enjoy going to many fun events or places where I live. I can visit an anime convention for the first time, get to go on many rides more than once in a carnival.

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    1. Hi, Rhoda. I would similarly use the money to help pay my family’s financial issues, including bills, health, food, and education. Whatever funds that are left will go towards my children’s future, charities, and investments. And the money I make will be awarded for mini vacations here and there, especially visiting my country that I haven’t been to for many years. The price of plane tickets, hotel stays, and rental cars can be quite ridiculous!

      Thank you for responding to this post! In terms the creativity in your post, I really enjoyed the details and how much thought you put into it. You pointed out the most important ways in which you would spend your winnings on as well as treating yourself, which is always a good thing! As for your writing skills, and for anyone else’s writing skills, there is always room for improvement and it starts when you are ready. The first thing I want you to focus on is your punctuation marks. For instance, in your first sentence of the first paragraph, you can change it to “If I won the lottery, I would be able to help my family pay off our finical issues. If I had extra money left, I’d give some to charity or to the poor.” Commas are very useful as they are like pauses in your thoughts. Read your sentences out loud with and without the commas, and you’ll start to notice the difference between them. To review punctuation marks, you can read more into it under the “Help!” link in the menu icon. Great job on your first post!


  4. I’ve seen a lot of ways to use lottery winnings. I’ve seen people totally waste their winnings, and I’ve seen others make there winnings multiply. People play the lottery everyday of their life and never win. If the lord blessed me with such a victory, I would use the winnings to become more wealthy. Lets say I won 10,000,000, I would invest into businesses, preferably cannabis. I’ve seen how the cannabis culture is growing and in Colorado for the year 2016 the state made 1 billion in tax revenue from cannabis. That’s just a little insight why I would choose to invest in cannabis. I obviously would like to continue to profit after I win the lottery, but I won’t invest all off my money; some would go to charity, I would also use some of my winnings to move my family out of the city and to a better place. I would make ways for my family to profit also so they wouldn’t have to depend on me. They have to remember I won the lottery not them. But every step I take after I win is to better myself and others, and I would make it my mission to not fail and become one of those people who wasted there winnings and have nothing to show from winning the lottery.

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    1. The medical/drug industry have certainly been improving as more and more products are becoming available and affordable. As for me, I think I would invest a fraction of it in physical rehabilitation and injury prevention since that was my major and field of interest in graduate school. And I, too, would share my winnings to charity or even develop my own. As much as I would love to win the lottery, I would be a tad bit nervous knowing that the entire world knows who I am and how much I have won. I am sure people who have won the lottery hired a financial expert, lawyer, and/or even a bodyguard or some sort of security assistance.

      Great take on the blog post, Napolean! The word “there,” their,” “and they’re” can be easily mistaken even if it was unintentional. Make sure to always proof read your work to catch those sneaky mistakes; it also helps to read it out loud.


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