Do You Cook?

Do you cook? Do you enjoy doing it? Did someone in your family teach you? Have you ever cooked for a group? What are your favorite recipes? What’s your idea of a wonderful (but balanced) meal? Why?


6 thoughts on “Do You Cook?

  1. I cook occasionally when I’m in the mood. I don’t know how to cook really good, I can just about put together a breakfast for me and my mother. On the other hand, I don’t enjoy cooking, I enjoy doing things for myself and others. When cooking I try to do it on my own, but I’m still learning so I ask my mother for help. Strangely enough I’ve barbecued for 8 to 10 kids before, as a result I ended up cooking lots of hot dogs and burgers. My ideal meal to cook would be breakfast because there isn’t a lot to choose from, for example pancakes and sausages. Ultimately any meal is my ideal meal if your cooking or buying.

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    1. I also cook occasionally, or once or twice a week. It does take a lot of time, especially on a busy schedule. And when I get home from work, I prefer to order delivery and relax while I wait for the food to arrive. My ideal meal is also breakfast since it’s the easiest and fastest to make!

      Great work on your response! I didn’t see any problems with your writing except for the number 8. When writing formally, numbers less than 10 must be spelled out and numbers greater than 10 can be left as is. Since your writing skills are really good, start responding with two or more paragraphs. It makes great practice for extending your thoughts.


  2. In this day and age there are numerous options for cuisine. Different cultures and backgrounds influence our cooking abilities. Personally, I just began to learn how to cook, my mother teaches me occasionally. Furthermore, I have cooked at my church for a group of 70 people, alongside my mother and stepfather. On the other hand, my favorite meal is Mexican fried chicken flautas. They are not difficult to prepare, but are a little time consuming. Finally, a well balance meal for me would consist of any wheat, dairy and vegetable ingredients.

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    1. Hi Reyna,

      I agree with you that a person’s culture and background has an influence on cooking and the type of cuisine one prefers. I grew up eating home-cooked Filipino dishes, but as my life became busier, it is hard to find time to cook every day. So, occasionally, we pick up food from different restaurants or grocery stores that are hot and ready to eat.

      As far as your writing skills go, there are a few things I would like you to work on. But first, I would like you to focus on your punctuation marks, specifically your commas. Sometimes they are needed and othertimes they are not. For example, the second comma in your fourth sentence does not need to be there unless it was written as “Furthermore, alongside my mother and stepfather, I have cooked at my church for a group of 70 people.” To read more into punctuation techniques, you can check out the “Help!” link from the menu icon. Overall, great work!


  3. Yes, I do cook. Cooking has been one my greatest passions, aside from computer science, working with my hands to create something scrumptious just feels so euphoric, I long await day by day when I’m going to create something spectacular from my kitchen. Since I was a boy, I love the way my mother made pancakes. The smell, the taste was delectable and mouthwatering. I just had to know how to create these delectables. With my mother’s loving guidance, I was able to learn how to cook pancakes and much more as I grew older.

    I once cooked brunch for my family one summer’s day. I made scrambled eggs with a hint of pepper, crisp bacon, my mother’s famous pancakes, hand squeezed orange juice, baked croissants, with chopped melon, strawberries, and oranges. The brunch was so spectacular I was showered with compliments and appreciation. I basked in the warmth and acceptance of my family members, something I’ve never experienced before. From that day forward I love to cook.

    My favorite dish to cook is pancakes. Nothing compares to sweet essence of cooking pancakes on a cold saturday morning, it brings glee my heart and a great start any morning. Personally, a well balanced meal consists of the five food groups. Grains, protein, vegetables, fruits, and dairy. I don’t eat a lot of dairy personally because of the natural fats, but I do eat a ton of vegetables and protein for my daily nutrient and vitamins.

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    1. So much visual details in your post, Chris! I felt like I was experiencing your memories. I also love the smell of breakfast being cooked. It reminds me of how my parents used to cook me meals when I was dependently living with them.

      In terms of your writing skills, I would like you to focus on your punctuation marks, specifically commas and periods. For instance, the second sentence of the first paragraph can turn into two sentences as “Cooking has been one my greatest passions. Aside from computer science, working with my hands to create something scrumptious just feels so euphoric.” Overall, great response!


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