How To Kick The Social Media Habit And Get Your Life Back

By Michael Cheng



2 thoughts on “How To Kick The Social Media Habit And Get Your Life Back

  1. most 99% of teen they in the phone in the bathroom and using their phone at night during bed
    because they never put focus on they life now this days people don”t go out that much on park or somewhere else too


    1. Ricky,

      As we (society) are being more involved in social media, the more we want to have our cellphones with us. I remember when I was in high school, cell phones were “new.” I only used it to call, text, and play Snake. It was the most basic calling device without internet or apps; thus I was in less contact with the rest of the world. Technology continues to improve and have more functions, making it easier for us to reach out to others even before we go to sleep or during a time spent in the bathroom. Perhaps we rely on technology so much that it becomes part of us.

      I must agree with you that most people who have smartphones spend way too much using it versus going out, being more active, having conversations, and so on. Sometimes it can be satisfying to physically be somewhere and experience whatever events that may happen. Yet there are videos on Youtube of people recording things through their cell phone and not living in the moment.

      Continue to practice on your writing skills. Take notice of punctuation marks. If you want to end a thought, end the sentence with a period. Or to continue a thought, use commas. For example, I would revise your response to “Most teens use their phones while in the bathroom and/or at night while in bed. This may be because teens never put focus on their life. Nowadays, people don’t go out that much, whether it’s to the mark or somewhere else.”

      You have great ideas, Ricky.


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