Strange Things

What is the most unusual thing have you seen while riding the bus or train?


6 thoughts on “Strange Things

    1. Hi Ricky,

      I haven’t seen a fight on the train or bus and I am grateful for that!

      Try putting details into your post. For example, is there a particular train or bus that you take? Is there a certain time of day (morning, afternoon, and/or night) where you have witnessed a higher frequency of fights? Did they occur in the front, middle, or back of the bus?


  1. I remember one day I was on my way to my home and I took the bus. I’m not sure if it was the bus of Fullerton or Pulaski, but the bus was full. I was stand close to the front door and a old woman was sit front of me then, she started yelling me without any reason. I got scared because I didn’t know what to do and the people was just watching so, I just decided to go out of the bus and walk to my house. This is the most unusual thing that I have seen or happen to me on the bus.

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    1. I hope you weren’t too far from where you got off the bus! I have also witnessed strange events; and if I were to be on the train, I would’ve probably moved to another car.

      Thank you for your response! There a few things you can practice in terms of your writing skills. For now, review materials on the past, present, and future tense as they can become quite confusing. For instance, I would edit your third sentence to “I was standing close to the front door and an old woman was sitting in front of me…” or “I stood close to the front door and an old woman sat in front of me…”


  2. Riding public transportation in Chicago can be dangerous. You have to be careful what you say to what person. You may mean well but the person may threaten you.
    One day riding the bus home from school, a man was playing his music too loud. I could hear it over my headphones so I POLITELY asked him to turn it down. He got mad and asked me if I was the F***ing police.
    I said, “No but, and I pointed to the sign, this sign says no loud music on the bus or be subject to a fine.”
    He then pulled out a knife and threatened to stab me.
    I said, ” Chill, I just asked you to turn it down because I could hear it over my headphones and it was bothering me. Besides, I wouldn’t wouldn’t want you to get fined.”
    He said,” You’re not so F***ing tough now are you, Mother Theresa?”
    I then walked up to the driver and told him that someone was threatening me. The bus driver, stopped the bus, came with me and confronted the man. An argument ensued and, long story short, the man exited the bus after the driver threatened to call the police.
    This situation is an excellent example of how riding public transportation can be dangerous. I was polite with an unpolite man. I asked him nicely, but he overreacted and threatened me. I now know to leave people on the bus alone. You never know what kind of people they are.

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    1. Wow, what a vivid experience. I’ve seen and watched similar situations, and so I know not to confront a stranger especially when I am alone (unfortunately, that is usually the case). Though I am glad no one got physically hurt and hopefully you will never come across that person again.

      In terms of your writing skills, there are a few things here and there that are appropriate in informal writing, but not in formal writing. I am sure putting a word or a group of words in capital letters is meant for emphasizing something, but it is not needed in formal writing. Also, when you censor a specific curse word, the first letter doesn’t have to be capitalized. There are a few simple mistakes, which I am sure they weren’t intentionally made. These have to do with the placement of commas and typing the same word twice. But if you want to review more information on punctuation marks, you can go through the “Help!” section under the menu icon. Overall, you did really good on your post!


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