Study Life

One of the most important habits as a college student is learning how to effectively study. There are many ways to study. Some prefer studying alone, others prefer studying with a classmate or group or classmates, others study a week’s worth of material in a day, and others like to break up the materials into smaller topics. How do you study?


2 thoughts on “Study Life

  1. When there is a quiz or test coming up I study based on two things. One is how hard is this test going to be, the other is what part of my grade is this or should I even care. Of course it is important to care about all tests it’s just that some are more important than others. When I study I like to go both ways, study with a group and study on my own. When I study with a group it’s good to hear the answer from someone else before I take a turn, it helps me remember. When I study alone it builds up my repetition, I walk in circles over and over again saying the same things until I could say them in my sleep. I also like music to be playing when I do this, it drowns out the silence and also gives me theme music to study by. When I do study it’s good to try all the options.

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    1. Different instructors have their own way of grading assignments, quizzes, and exams. I remember in one the classes I took, the first exam weighed more than the following exams. Though I am grateful for extra credit work! I also like to study alone and then with other classmates or friends from other schools. Also, having group studies allows me to understand topics that I am confused on and allows me to teach the group members. I never liked studying in a quiet place and always wanted to be surrounded by noise and movement. So, my favorite places to study are in coffee shops and bookstores.

      In terms of your writing skills, you have been improving on your punctuation marks. There was one that you can change: the comma in, “When I study I like to go both ways, study with a group and study on my own,” can be replaced by “:” or “–” because you are listing two things “study with a group and study on my own” from different ways that you study.

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