As final examinations and projects are approaching, as this semester is coming to an end, as we start preparing for the next school term, or as we plan our future, with the stressful situations we are in, we must remember to breathe. How do you relax during strenuous occasions?


2 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. The path to my soul, I have come to realize, is music. When doing any stressful homework assignment or when I am about to get a very difficult test I blast myself with music. Pop, classical, or country- as long as it is soothing, or I can at least sing to it,- will do the trick for me. Singing has always relieved me of stress. I think of nothing else when there is music. It not only calms me but it also helps me to focus and remember. So when I prepare for any stressful situation as long as there is music I can really focus on the task on hand, calm myself, and get it done.

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    1. Awesome response. Music has definitely placed a role in calming and decluttering my mind. My parents would always have music playing in the background at home; so it would always feel so strange and quiet without it. There are times when I forget to bring my earphones when I go out to study, and all I can think of is how forgetful I was to bring it with me when I should be studying (haha!).

      Never stop writing~


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